At Infinity⁹, we are the pioneers of building capitalism, investing in premier real estate assets with high return potential, offering financial support and strategic guidance in exchange for stable and substantial returns.

Just as venture capitalists invest in startups with high growth potential, we invest in premier real estate assets that promise substantial returns.

The key difference? Real estate offers far more certainty and stability. We democratize access to this superior asset class, which has consistently outperformed others over the past twenty years.
Value of deals underwritten and brokered to date
Equity allocated to date
Combined portfolio value to date
*Figures shown are based on our team’s collective track record and past performance is not indicative of future results. All investments are subject to market risks and regulatory compliance.

Figures updated on Q3 2024

Meet our team

Ahmad Ashrafi
Partner & CEO
Nason Khomassi
Partner & CREO
Saman Yazdi
Partner & CIO
Valentina Ashrafi
Partner & COO
Juan Gracia
Partner & CMO
Elias Polonsky
Eyal Zadik
Nicolas Mongardini
Erika Calle
Dylan Lopez

Our Guiding Principles

We earn trust by tenaciously delivering results. Our fanatic attention to detail and unwavering meritocracy drive us to achieve excellence consistently.
Our future is shaped by a commitment to discipline.  Continuously challenging the status quo, we encourage thinking differently and thrive under pressure, embodying anti-fragility.
We remain agile and responsive to market changes and evolving client needs. We value the effectiveness and impact of our actions over their scale, believing in making significant rather than big moves.