Bridging US Private Real Estate with Global Capital

Infinity⁹ offers access to exclusive real estate investment opportunities aimed at generating reliable returns and protecting capital for high-net-worth individuals1.
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Build wealth via the highest performing asset class: U.S. private equity real estate.

Infinity⁹ provides access to institutional-quality commercial real estate investments sourced and analyzed by our team of experts.

We partner with you to overcome the following barriers to entry:
Access & Capital
Private investments are usually reserved for large institutions and family offices, making it difficult for smaller investors to gain entry.
Market Knowledge & Expertise
They are complex and require extensive market knowledge and the ability to analyze complex financial structures.
Strategic Relationships
Top-tier sponsors typically raise capital from from their network, making it difficult for investors to gain entry at favorable terms.
"Building wealth requires more than just capital; it demands vision, expertise, and a relentless pursuit of excellence."
Ahmad Ashrafi
Partner & CEO

How we provide value

Premier Investment Platform
We provide a comprehensive suite of investment options, bolstered by expert management and strategic guidance. Leveraging advanced tools and technology, our platform ensures robust regulatory compliance and top-tier security.
Institutional-Quality Deals
Through relationships built by our team over 50 combined years, we provide you access to institutional-quality investments across a variety of strategies, product types, and geographies.
Advanced Financial Engineering
Leveraging insurance-quality underwriting capabilities and sponsor experience, we identify compelling opportunities and craft customized structures to minimize downside risk and maximize return asymmetry.
Integrated Global Capital
We specialize in bridging international capital with direct and indirect private commercial real estate. We are committed to delivering exceptional client service and maintaining global reach.

Real estate investments tailored to your objectives

Growth ("g")
For growth-oriented individuals seeking return maximization.
Income (“y”)
For conservative individuals seeking regular distributions.

Transform your Portfolio: Build with High-Return Private Real Estate

The private real estate market is several multiples the size of publicly traded real estate, but has been harder for individual investors to access until recently.
In 2022, the size of the commercial real estate market in the Americas grew by 0.6%, to $5.9 trillion, while the size of the market in EMEA shrank by 9.8% to $4.1 trillion and the APAC market shrank by 4.6% to $3.4 trillion.
Over the past 20 years, private real estate has produced equity-like returns with substantially lower volatility.
Private real estate’s low correlation to equities and bonds may provide significant portfolio diversification benefits.
Income from private real estate has been consistent and high over the last 20 years.
Income from private real estate has generally increased faster than inflation.

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