Value of Actions Over Words

Our Principles

Alignment over Agreement

We believe in earning only after our investors generate returns, ensuring that our success is directly aligned with their financial achievements.

Agility over Specialization

We believe in adapting and moving in sync with the market dynamics.

Performance over AUM

We believe in maintaining a laser-like focus solely on achieving results.

Compounding Returns over Home Runs

We believe consistency is a superpower. Keeping our investments consistently producing positive returns is how to win the game.

Infinity9's biggest asset

Our Team

In the dynamic realm of investment management, Infinity9 stands apart with a pioneering philosophy. We are not a mere assembly of employees; we are a collective of partners, united in a mission to excel. Our ethos is built on the tenet that every individual is an integral part of our success, transcending traditional employer-employee dynamics. In our team, every contribution is pivotal, every idea is valued, and every voice is heard.

Invitation to Join Our Team:
As we navigate the challenging yet rewarding world of investment management, we seek partners who are more than just employees. Your place is among us if you are passionate about investment management and driven by innovation and a collaborative spirit.
We welcome professionals with diverse backgrounds, fresh perspectives, and a commitment to excellence in the realm of investing.

Become a Partner
Ahmad Ashrafi
Founder & CEO
Nason Khomassi
Partner - CREO
Saman Yazdi
Partner - CIO
Valentina Ashrafi
Partner - COO
Juan Gracia
Partner - CMO
Elias Polonski
Investment Advisor
Eyal Zadik
Strategy Advisor
Conrad Metz
Capital Raising Associate
Thomas Hayes
Capital Raising Associate
Erika Calle
Capital Raising Associate
Dylan Lopez
Reserach Analyst