Partnership is at the heart

of everything we do.

In the last ten years, our partners have successfully allocated over $1 billion in equity to real estate projects across the United States, with a focus on multifamily and retail projects.

We've also underwritten and participated in the brokering of over $5 billion in senior, construction, and bridge loans.

Currently, our partners' combined portfolio is worth more than $100 million.


Founding Year
Infinity9 Investment Group is the investment management firm for international entrepreneurs, family offices, and ultra-high net-worth individuals seeking to enhance their portfolios with top-tier real estate investments.


Infinity9 provides deal-by-deal and fund structures for strategic off-market US real estate investments across all product types, geographies, and capital stack positions.


Infinity9 offers a fresh approach to investment, prioritizing alignment with its clients, agility in response to market dynamics, and consistent performance. 


At the heart of the firm’s vision is the commitment to building a bridge between international capital and private US investment opportunities.


With a maximalist investment philosophy and a focus on compounding returns, Infinity9 is shaping the future of alternative investments.

Our expert team

is here for you.

Our team is here to help you achieve your investment goals.

In the dynamic realm of investment management, Infinity9 stands apart with a pioneering philosophy.

We are not a mere assembly of employees; we are a collective of partners, united in a mission to excel. In our team, every contribution is pivotal, every idea is valued, and every voice is heard.

Ahmad Ashrafi

Partner & CEO

Nason Khomassi

Partner & CREO

Saman Yazdi

Partner & CIO

Valentina Ashrafi

Partner & COO

Juan Gracia

Partner & CMO

Elias Polonsky


Eyal Zadik


Erika Calle


Nicolas Mongardini


Dylan Lopez